about a patchwork path

Hello and welcome to this small window that looks out on the world with eyes of wonder and curiosity.  A bit about myself….my name is Jennifer Davidson.  Professionally I am a photographer who has the good fortune of traveling, creating images and sharing my love of that process with others through teaching. To learn more about my work, I encourage you to visit my website, (http://www.jdavidosnphotography.com). On a more personal note, I would call myself a learner and explorer, two characteristics that repeatedly draw me to nature, to the kitchen, and to the yoga mat.

In the process of creating this site, I began to think more about what we call “life.”  There are many comparisons to life and journey (life is a highway, a river, etc.).  As I look at mine, it resembles a path: steep in places, exposed to the elements in others, with beautiful views and hairpin turns along the way.

While the picture of a path certainly honors the journey of life, I keep coming back to the visual of a quilt. When I look back, I don’t see something linear behind me, but an intricate array of patches. Some of these patches are of place, others of interest; some are small, others large; some are delicate, as of lace, some thick and durable, still others worn and threadbare. The multicolored threads holding these together are the people who have come alongside me, who have influenced and inspired, who have challenged and brought forth change along my way. Through it all there is a beautiful design – one that cannot be understood in the midst of creation but that is at times unexpected, revealed. It is God’s hand that expertly weaves all of this together.

A quick glance at my “quilt” reveals patches of oceans, mountaintops, photography, yoga, good food, health, stillness, adventure, Mexico, Ecuador, rural West Texas, road trips, ships, and backcountry hiking trails….to name but a few.  So join me as I share glimpses of patches and threads as they are being stitched together, along my patchwork path.

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